Monday, November 22, 2010

Matt, Shelby & the girls

Shelby and her family braved the cold with me a few weeks ago for their family photos, and it's a good thing we went when we did. We're now sitting at a balmy -35C (that's -31F, if you were wondering). It's amazing how Calgary can go from 5C to -35C back up to the +s (well, at least the forecast SAYS back to the +s) in a matter of weeks. Anyhow, thanks for braving the cold with me. Such a great family!!


Cichy's said...

SO good Alysh! Such a cute family too! Love em all!

Heidi Allred said...

These are soo so so cute! I love that spot behind that restaurant! I have yet to use it! How come I never even know you were doing these? great job!

julie said...

these are too precious. Love them!