Monday, October 28, 2013

Rosie's Birth Day - Calgary Birth Photography

Ashley patiently waited 12 extra days for little Rosie to arrive. Rosie held on just long enough so she wouldn't have to share her birthday with her auntie (not that I would've minded). But she came safe and sound and nice and rosy into the world.

Ashley did beautifully! I am amazed at how she handled everything. I keep telling her she should have a dozen kids because first of all, they're so dang cute! and secondly because she seems to breeze through pregnancy and delivery. No joke - 2 pushes and Rosie was here. All 8 pounds 14oz of her! I wish I could be like you, Ash.

Thanks for letting me be there. Oh, and the BYUI shirt my mom made since Rosie is grandbaby #11 and also Dave's (Rosie's dad) sport number!





Maren said...

Oh my goodness. These are all so precious! I love the artsy shot of your Brother sitting and holding his hands together waiting. Very cool. And of course, the baby is precious!! Can I just say that seeing all of these pics of these Super-Moms giving birth at home has me wondering if I could do that.... Perhaps one day we can have a conversation where I will perhaps allow you to convince me how awesome it is and actually give you the time of day for it. I did not love my last birthing story. Blah. So, ...I'm open. And scared about it!

BUB said...

They are so lucky to have you to capture those first few moments of life.

Cichy's said...

I can't believe it has a been a month already! So glad we have these pictures! Thanks again, you are the best! Love them all!