Friday, February 13, 2009

Posting overload

A friend of mine let us borrow her studio lighting and we had a great time trying it out. I'm still all for natural lighting, but I really liked how these turned out. It's taking too long to upload photos so I'll leave you with these for now. I seriously have GORGEOUS friends! Thanks for the fun day ladies!
Maren - this girl is gorgeous and SO easy to photograph!

I'm so glad Sarah decided to get ready too. She's beautiful! And when we're not making her laugh by saying "Nico" or "sexy" we got some incredible shots!

Bethany is another beautiful lady to take photos of. She was awesome and not only got ready for these photos, but did Jenny's hair which turned out awesome! Sometimes the candid shots are my favorite. I love how this one of Bethany turned out.

Natasha is so gorgeous and easy to photograph. She's my winning photo model :)

Jenny was rocking it that day! I had so many good shots to choose from! Thanks for being hot Jenny!

New Family Photos

So these are the ones I have in my stairs and I LOVE looking at them. Liv's is a little blurry, but considering these were taken in the living room with little light, and she's a VERY busy 2 year old... well, you get the idea. I still haven't taken any of Will... I'm tempted to wait until he can sit up, but I guess we'll see. Maybe after we move I'll be more inclined to get it done :)


I found these great new actions from Pioneer Woman and had a blast using them on some photos of my nephew, Ryder.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Studio 414

Thank you Studio 414 for choosing me as the winner on February 2nd! I couldn't be more excited! I think it's awesome that the last 3 contests that have been held a good, ol' Canadian has been in the top 7! Sarah won the grand prize on January 5th, Maren received Honorable Mention on January 19th and then me :) This contest is FOR REAL! I talked with Jessica at Studio 414 and she was wonderful. This is a great company doing a great thing for photographer wannabe's like me. I'm really honored to be chosen as that week's winner!