Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dave, Ashley + Summer

My brother and sister in law came for a really quick visit this past weekend. So of course we have to have a mini session! They wanted something different than the nature background this time, so we thought why not go downtown. I loved it!

We had to end things early - my little man took a dive into the fountain. Poor kid!  (*Just to clarify, I don't bring my kids with me to sessions.)

I felt so bad for the little guy! Nothing a Peter's milkshake couldn't fix though.


Susie said...

Cute family. Summer is a babe. Will looks so dang cute soakin wet and all

Heidi Allred said...

Great job, and poor little will! oh peters.

Cichy's said...

Poor Wilbur, at least it was at the end! haha Love the picture SO much! Thanks again! I am framing that one of Summer for sure...can't wait!