Thursday, March 18, 2010


It's been so much fun getting to know Barb. She is a blast to be with, super talented and is insanely gorgeous and photogenic. She is the mom of two sweet little girls (who she makes the cutest clothes for!). Cool fact about Barb - she lived in France with her husband and daughter for 7 months just for the fun of it! She said it was an adventure they always wanted to do together, so they bought tickets, found a place and moved out! How cool would that be???
We've never done a photo shoot together before, but she totally rocked it out. No direction necessary which was awesome. Her outfit was perfect (I covet her jacket) and she looked amazing! Thanks for the great day Barb!


Just Rhonda said...

Yep that jacket IS AWESOME!!! Love Love it! Great shots!

BUB said...

I must give you credit for the cool peacock feather! AND Maren for the jacket. I covet it too - except that it is super itchy!

About the feather- I STILL have it! So sorry that I forgot to give it back to you. It is in my car in the change place so I can give it to you next time I see you.
Great photos Alysha!