Sunday, January 3, 2010

Summer @ 6 months - Calgary Baby Photography

Little bit of a picture overload! My brother, sister in law and Summer came home for the holidays, and while they were here we took Summer's 6 month photos. It amazes me how much these little ones grow in such a short time. Plus not seeing her since she was born makes a difference too.

I think these are two of my favorites. I LOVE her soother! I almost wish Will still took one so I could get one like it hahaha... Almost :) Plus, I love zebra print :)


Jenny Fitzner said...


I love them! So cute! Milo has the same soother! I love it, but it's too big for him now, He'll use it later.

Summer is so cute, and you're so talented as usual.

Cichy's said...

They look so good edited!! Woohoo! Love em!

Chelsey said...

I really love these, and I love the zebra backdrop!